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Customer care


SADAS offers a thorough and world-wide assistance service, addressed to the single customer’s demands.

Further to the interventions in situations of emergency, SADAS’ philosophy is based on the concept of a “preventive assistance”:

  • SADAS offers an assistance focused on removing the causes of a possible failure;
  • SADAS is able to organize a valid maintenance plan and to go on customer’s premises in order to realize the modification required for the optimization of the manufacturing process.

Maintenance Contract
The remote assistance / support service (VPN) is carried out by specialized technicians with particular knowledge regarding the specific field of paper industry.
This service is guaranteed 24 hours per day, all the year, with the exception of only 8 feast days. Assistance is organized in order to provide help to the customer technical personnel in case of:

  • Starting-up after a programmed stop;
  • Troubleshooting;
  • Diagnosis and eliminations of breakdown;
  • Requests of emergency maintenance interventions.

Services included in the Maintenance Contract:

  • Remote Assistance by VPN;
  • Phone Assistance;
  • Preventive Maintenance;
  • Emergency Maintenance.

Cribis certificate   &   ABB Authorized Value Provider

Certificato Cribis ABB Authorized Value Provider

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