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Union is Power

Union is Power

The companies in the SADAS group has experienced a quick growth over the past few years so it has become necessary to move our headquarters into a new location. Our constant attention to meeting the growing needs of the market brought to choosing a common area for all the companies in the group: Sadas, SIS, SPS and Technical Systems.

Sharing the headquarter offers great advantages both on the organizational and on the production level; the benefits are enormous both for the companies themselves and the final customer, who will therefore enjoy a high quality service. We can now move quickly from design to construction, reducing machine downtimes and optimizing all phases of project management.

The new headquarters is divided into two floors in a 2,600 square meters area, divided into more or less equal parts between production and design. There are over 40 operating stations for development and design. Having a new location was especially intended to help our research team to grow and expand. Developing new services and being able to reach previously unknown market segments, will enable the Group to both increase existing customers loyalty while acquiring also new ones.

Cribis certificate   &   ABB Authorized Value Provider

Certificato Cribis ABB Authorized Value Provider

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