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SPS - Sadas Plant Solutions

SPS - Sadas Plant Solutions

SPS was established in 2015, with the aim of offering better services to the customers, in line with Sadas’s quality standards. Holding high technical skills, the mission of SPS is mainly related to the construction of electrical systems on site, pneumatic systems and the management of those sites. First class plants built in accordance with current regulations must be able to maintain their qualities over time. This requires a constant maintenance, performed over fixed amount of time, following legal and technical schedules. SPS has all the requirements to ensure such scheduled maintenance, as well as to cope with a wide range of unexpected failures.

SPS core business is the industrial sector. One of the main prerogative of our working team is to having an ongoing learning programme, that enables the company to never be unprepared before customers’ demands, which are becoming increasingly complex as the technology advances. Recently SPS has decided to specialize in the production of machineries electrical panels.

The synergy among our switchboards Division (SIS) and our planning Division, also enables us to supply turnkey electrical systems at highly competitive prices. Some examples:

  • Electrical protection, maneuvering, command and control systems;
  • interior lighting;
  • street lighting;
  • geothermal, hydroelectric and thermoelectric systems;
  • industrial equipment for motive power lines;
  • lightning protection system;
  • industrial machinery systems;
  • substations systems and transforming and sorting booths systems;
  • electricity distribution panels for power and lighting supply;
  • medium voltage switchgear for booths, stations, substations and power plants;
  • explosion-proof panels and equipment;
  • cabling.

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