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SEI Sistemi

In the month of June, SADAS and SEI Sistemi groups (Imola), stipulated an agreement through an exchange of shares in their respective companies. This is a strategic operation that highlights the common commitment to pursuing leadership positions in the most important global markets through design and technological synergy. SEI Sistemi, a company specialised and well-established in the industrial automation sector, stands out for the creation of metal product metallurgical systems to carry out cold and hot processing of metals in the development of the alternative energies sector such as photovoltaic and wind farms, operating in most of the market sectors:

  • paper and plastic;
  • textile industry;
  • engine test benches;
  • research centres;
  • renewable sources;
  • cranes.

The goal of the agreement reached is to create a corporate synergy between SADAS and SEI Sistemi, collaboration and cooperation in production and development operations. This is a strategic approach to new markets and the resolution of possible corporate problems. The goal is not simply to consolidate the current expertise, but also to strive daily for higher standards, increasingly innovative solutions, technical and conceptual development dynamics that can really make the difference. This is all based on a principle of independence and collaboration, projecting our potential toward a common purpose: growth. It is a constant and stimulating impulse that is blossoming into something unique in our sector. Working with us will mean building successful projects, entrusting all work phases to the hands of those who will skilfully follow and manage them with dedication, from the preliminary phases all the way to the more advanced developments. What we could have provided individually is just a small part of what we can now provide together.


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