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About S-Partner
An alternative formula to achieve paper machines automation and electrification, ensured by SADAS’s 30 years experience and know-how.

SADAS will still provide:

A) Basic services and HW automation services:

  • complete hardware and software engineering;
  • supply of DCS control panel and process control computer;

B) on-site services:

  • supervising service over the machine assembly;
  • on-site project management;
  • commissioning & startup;
  • babysitting;
  • on-site service and support.

C) specific S-Partner formula services:

  • commercial development support service;
  • suppliers’ search and evaluation assistance service;
  • support in creating technical and commercial specifications for suppliers;
  • commercial negotiation assistance service;
  • supplies quality control;
  • remote trouble ftp troubleshooting.

S-Partner benefits

  • A cost effective service;
  • Consistent technical installations throughout the system;
  • Improved project management. SADAS will provide the Partner with complete technical and commercial information and assistance.

Cribis certificate   &   ABB Authorized Value Provider

Certificato Cribis ABB Authorized Value Provider

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